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Varnishing Day at The Royal Academy

Delighted to have two works of mine selected for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023

🌞What a great afternoon🤩


Unspoken II

Hand burnished woodcut; 37 x 31 cm



Hand painted carborundum print; 30 x 30cm

Monoprint 35″ x 24″ / 89 x 61 cm 1/1 Unique

Only Connect

RA Summer Exhibition 2023 theme;

Having read David Renfry RA article describing the theme  ‘Only Connect’ he set for this year’s Summer Exhibition – I immediately knew what I wanted to do. One of the most important connections in life is that between a mother and child. Also, this theme was a very significant one for me and my family as we have been blessed with two grand babies – watching the silent bond grow between the mother and baby was the perfect inspiration for my two pieces in this year’s summer exhibition.




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