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Bath Life Magazine Cover

International Women’Day Feature

Bath Life Magazine Article

International Women’Day Feature

Bath Life Magazine Article

International Women’Day Feature

“Caught in the Act”

Article in the Sheffield Telegraph

Corinna Button: Meet the artist

Feature by Bank Side Gallery, London

“Works That Caught Our Eye”

New Art Examiner critics choose noteworthy artworks from shows that they visited. Jan / Feb 2018 edition

New Art Examiner


Review by Chuck Gniech


Article with slide show preview of my solo show at Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago

“About Face”

A Review of Corinna Button at the Hyde Park Art Center

“Rhyming Couplet,” a collagraph by Corinna Button.

Modern Luxury Interiors Magazine

Features my Giant head painting ‘Preparing a Face’ at Gallery19 in Chicago.

La Vie, Taipei

Article”Chicago Invasion” exhibition at Blue Rider Gallery in Taipei

The Art of Influence… Corinna Button

by Chuck Gniech

A Studio Visit

by Chuck Gniech

“Button—an exceptionally prolific artist—explores the human condition. Her figurative imagery is presented through layers and layers of surface—paint, ink, graphite, and collage—symbolic of the layers of life experience that we collect over time. Occasionally, portions of the layers may be erased or even ripped from the surface …perhaps to remove a bit of the collected armor.

“Printmaker’s Secrets”

Article featuring my collagraphs that are part of the book by the Author Dyson.

Corinna Button in conversation with Sue Roe

Author of “The Private Lives of the Impressionists and ‘Gwen John: A Life’

“Ever heard of “Smirting”? Article”

Hi- Lite Magazine, Germany

“Inspired by German Expressionists, such as Max Beckmann and Käthe Kollwitz, Ms. Button’s figures evoke a sense of spontaneity within carefully composed visual narratives.”
British painter and printmaker Corinna Button’s regal women pose with their heads held high and their eyes closed in self-satisfied reverie, knowing well their allure. The mysterious beauties marvelous works, an exploration of beauty and the female performance, will be on display at the artist’s studio on Friday, April 19 at the Zhou B. Art Center in Bridgeport resemble figures of classical antiquity with a theatrical flair. These Adorned with jewels and lace, Ms. Button’s seductive ladies hold secrets. The viewer will perhaps never know the real women hidden behind multiple veils of ink, an effect achieved through a complex layering process and mastery of printmaking techniques. Bold forms and colors emerge from shadows and tell a story of the search for identity amid the drama of life”

Article for the The New Art Examiner, Chicago. 2013
By Author Mary Osborne:

“From Teenage to Womanhood”

Hastings- Brumfield contemporary Art