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Images of a print in progress
Images of a print in progress

Glimpses into the printmaking process of Corinna Button

Corinna Button in Focus

Bankside Gallery London

Today was the day I was meant to present my work @banksidegallery during the @re_printmakers ‘Originals 2020 ‘ print exhibition.

I was invited to spend an afternoon in the gallery and talk about my work. I planned to bring in some examples of plates and proofs to demonstrate the working methods and techniques I use etc.
That was meant to be TODAY – 9th May 2020
However, due to the pandemic #lockdown that is no longer possible so instead the gallery have posted up my presentation on their website ?? See below


“Corinna Button RE (@corinnabutton) is a painter and printmaker whose figurative work draws on an eclectic mix of references and inspirational sources. Her pictures are intensely layered and atmospheric depicting many facets of the human condition.⁠

Corinna had been scheduled to run a ‘Meet the Artist’ event at Bankside Gallery last weekend, where she planned to bring examples of plates and proofs to demonstrate her working methods and techniques.⁠
Hope you like it”



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